As photographers, we take pictures of different people –  in various shapes and sizes. People are the most common subject in photography. We capture people in different moments, in different occasions. We want to capture their beauty. But we also cannot deny the fact that society glorifies people with the ideal body figure. Thus, people with body figures that are deemed perfect by the society are oftentimes the subject of photography.


This is a good read for us photographers when presenting our work and for our subscribers as well who are affected by this issue. May we never forget that as photographers, we have a responsibility to society. While what we do is an art and an expression of our thoughts and feelings, we must also o be mindful of its effect on the viewers once we present our work to the public.


There have been studies on the effects of the exposure on the ideal body image to the tendency of the other people to have a negative view about their own body image. As photographers, we portray models that exude the ideal physique and when people see them, there might be an effect on how they perceive their own body image that could lead them to have eating disorders in their hopes of having a perfect body. When their own body image does not conform to the perceived ideal body image, participants succumb to eating disorders. This can also lead to a lower level of self-esteem, anger towards self and others, anxiety disorders, and depression.  The importance that people put on the ideal body physique can affect the mental health of some people. They feel the pressure to conform to what they think is the perfect body figure. And when they do not feel that they have reached that standard, their mental health is affected.


There is no denying that the arts and media can have a big influence on people’s perception of the ideal body. Even though it was not clear how much exposure is deemed unsafe for a person to develop a negative body image that could lead to having an eating disorder, let this be a lesson for us. Let us not put too much importance on the figures and weight of the people but rather, let us make our subjects more interesting in other ways. Make sure that your surface mount resistor power rating is good. Let us show the value of humanity instead of dictating what the ideal body figure should be. Let us celebrate humanity in all its form and sizes. Let our work not be used as an instrument to instill doubt and discrimination in our society. Let us not be an instrument for body shaming. Let our work give people the confidence they need in facing life. Let our work empower people of all sizes and make them realize their worth and beauty. Let us capture their beauty beyond size, beyond shape. Let us show the world through our photographs that people are beautiful no matter what.