Welcome to our website and thank you for checking out the FAQ page. We’ve compiled all the most asked questions that were recently sent by our loyal followers here for your guidance. We hope you find this useful while browsing through our NoMenus Quarterly website. Please read below before sending additional questions in order to save you the time and effort. 


Q: How do I create an account with NoMenus Quarterly Magazine website? 

A: Creating an account with us is very simple, with just a few easy steps you are ready to go. You just have to fill out the form we’ve provided and submit it to us and the confirmation code will be sent to you automatically to verify your account. Also, you can link any of your active social media accounts, it is an easy way to sign up. This way, you can easily share our articles and images on our website with your friends. After signing up, you can finally organize and personalize your own NoMenus Quarterly account. 


Q: Am I allowed to delete my account? If possible, then how can I do that? 

A: Although we hate to see this happen, yes, you can delete your account whenever you want to. Just simply click the menu bar and go to your account settings and choose the ‘delete account’ button. A quick and automatic confirmation email will be sent as soon as you hit the ‘delete account’ button so you can verify the deactivation. Although you have chosen this option, please be reminded that you will still be subscribed to our newsletter. Unsubscribing to that is another issue. You need to unsubscribe using one of the emails we sent to you previously. You can find this button at the bottom of that email. 


Q: Where can I buy NoMenus Quarterly Magazine? 

A: Since our magazine is of limited edition, you can’t buy them in stores. We are in a pre-order mode. Just simply email us with an attached order form you can download from the website and the complete details of your shipment address. Please indicate also the payment mode you prefer. We accept major credit cards and bank transfers. You can also send us your payment via PayPal.