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Joanna – 

Hi, NoMenus Quarterly subscribers! As a new guest on this site, I would like to share that I am fond of artistic work that’s why I came by to this site. I find Laura’s work wonderful and interesting but really, I find it expensive too. Admittedly, their magazine comes in limited edition copies but still, isn’t it too pricey for buying just 1 piece of the magazine? Don’t get me wrong, I really want to buy it, I just want a little advice from you guys. Thank you and have a nice day! 



I’m obsessed with Laura’s work as well. I find it very unique and wonderful. Please browse through their gallery to see what I’m talking about, I know many of you can relate to me. And for your question, yes it is really worth buying it. As an artist, I really find it inspiring and it helps fuel my passion. Not once did I thought of giving up already. But looking at the pieces produced by this publication makes me realized that I have to work better. 



Many publishing companies are working on the internet now. They prioritized the publication online because they have a wider reach. It is not always that you can find an edgy magazine which is in print. So, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and must grab one. In fact, NoMenus Quarterly is not just a simple and usual nice magazine you can see in the market. It is very inspiring and creative, and the images it incorporates are one-of-a-kind. Yes, it is pricey because of its limited print and the content, but you will learn a lot from it. Buy at least one, you’ll never regret it for sure!